Top 5 Ways To Prevent Lung Cancer

In the United States, lung cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer, and it’s the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women. While there are genetic factors that may make you more susceptible to lung cancer, many cases are caused by environmental factors like smoking or exposure to carcinogens at work. By following these five methods of preventing lung cancer, you can help protect yourself from developing this deadly disease.

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Lung Cancer
Top 5 Ways To Prevent Lung Cancer

1) Quit Smoking

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that tobacco use, primarily from smoking cigarettes, causes 90 per cent of lung cancer cases. Quitting is possible; it’s never too late to stop using tobacco. While quitting smoking doesn’t always eliminate your risk of developing lung cancer, it can greatly reduce your chances—and help you live a longer life.

Research has shown that people who smoke 20 or more cigarettes per day are 10 times more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers. What if you’re not sure about quitting? Talk to your doctor about whether you should undergo low-dose CT scans every six months (or even more often) to monitor for changes in your lungs. Read More Here…

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Lung Cancer
Top 5 Ways To Prevent Lung Cancer

2) Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps you breathe more deeply and regularly, limiting your exposure to other cancer-causing pollutants. It also improves your immune system and cardiovascular health, which help protect against lung cancer. Research shows that physical activity is even more effective at lowering lung cancer risk than avoiding tobacco or excessive alcohol consumption.

You don’t have to dedicate yourself to marathons or Ironman triathlons just get a little exercise each day to reduce your risk of lung cancer. Plan activities that keep you active throughout your day; avoid sitting too long by taking a walk at lunchtime, parking far away from entrances at work, or walking upstairs instead of using elevators whenever possible.

3) Watch What You Eat

Smoking is a leading cause of lung cancer, but there are several other factors you can control to minimize your risk. For example, it’s never too late to quit smoking or refrain from picking up cigarettes in the first place. But if you do smoke, cut back on how much and try not to smoke in any enclosed areas.

You should also keep an eye on how much alcohol you drink; heavy drinking increases your risk of developing cancer and so does exposure to secondhand smoke. Finally, make sure that you avoid food allergies by checking ingredients before eating anything new and avoiding tree nuts altogether if possible.

4) Get Checked Often

If you’re between 55 and 74 years old, it’s a good idea to get screened for lung cancer. If your screening is clear, you can breathe a little easier. But if something does show up on that screen, you’ll know what steps to take next, says Melissa Goist of the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (NAFC). Smoking causes most cases of lung cancer, so if you still smoke it may be time to call your doctor about smoking cessation services.

Even if you don’t smoke but have had exposure to secondhand smoke, ask your doctor about getting checked. Also, keep in mind that air pollution from traffic or living near factories or fields where pesticides are used also increases the risk for lung cancer.

5) Wear Sunscreen

While it’s no secret that sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer, it can also help ward off lung cancer. Just as harmful UV rays cause your skin to burn and increase your risk of melanoma, they also damage cells deep in your lungs and can cause them to become cancerous.

Wearing sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day is one easy way to keep your cells safe from sun damage. (After all, you’re already applying it to your face!) Make sure that your lotion blocks both UVA and UVB rays, so you don’t miss out on any protection. The more time between when you first notice symptoms and when you see a doctor about them, the worse off patients are likely to be.

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Lung Cancer
Top 5 Ways To Prevent Lung Cancer

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