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15 Foods You Should Avoid

  •  Processed Meats
  •  Fries
  • Sugary Snacks
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • White Pasta
  • Burgers & Kebabs
  • Potato Chips and Other Crisps
  • Fruit Juice
  • Dairy Products
  • Candy
  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Pies and cobblers
  • Dairy desserts, such as ice cream and yoghurt.sugar-sweetened drinks, such as soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, and juice drinks.


Welcome to CURE KEEPING What types of foods should you eat if you have diabetes? It’s common knowledge that sugar is something that should be avoided, but other foods can contribute to spikes in blood sugar levels as well. 

Here are 15 foods you should avoid if you have diabetes and some healthier alternatives to include in your diet instead.

15 Foods You Should Avoid
15 Foods You Should Avoid


Top 15 Worst Diabetic Foods

Sugar-containing foods and beverages are out. That includes any type of candy, cookies, sodas, fruit juices (including 100% natural fruit juices), Kool-Aid and energy drinks. Anything that has added sugar will spike your blood sugar levels and leave you hungry for more in no time at all. 

Processed foods are also out. While these items do not have added sugar per se, they still raise your blood sugar levels when consumed in large quantities—which can be just as detrimental to your health over time as eating a lot of added sugars in one sitting. While there are some exceptions to watch out for (such as Ezekiel bread or tortillas), it’s generally best to avoid processed items as much as possible if you have diabetes or insulin resistance issues.

1) Processed Meats

In general, processed meats can be hazardous to your health. The World Health Organization warns that even moderate amounts of red meat (beef, pork, lamb) increase your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Studies also suggest a link between processed meats and weight gain because they contain high levels of saturated fat. 

And since diabetes often accompanies obesity, limiting your intake of processed meats is one way to cut back on unnecessary calories and saturated fat that could spike your blood sugar levels. In addition to these nutritional concerns, current research also indicates a strong correlation between eating lots of processed meats and developing colon cancer.

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes

2) Fries

While fries are tasty, they’re often loaded with fat and calories. According to LiveStrong, a small order of fast-food fries can have 400 calories. 

If you have diabetes, you need to be careful with your carbohydrate intake—even if that doesn’t mean cutting them out completely. 

Look for fries made from healthier alternatives like sweet potatoes or baked varieties. And keep an eye on how many servings you’re eating in one sitting; about half a cup is enough for most people and those with diabetes should stick to smaller portions because carbs are easier to absorb in larger amounts.

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes


3) Sugary Snacks

Certain sugary snacks are linked to a heightened risk of diabetes and heart disease. Among snack foods, regular soda, chocolate milk, potato chips, French fries, and ice cream have been listed as foods you should avoid if you have diabetes. 

The reason for steering clear of these tasty treats is that they’re high in calories from added sugar and saturated fat. 

You don’t need to cut these out of your diet entirely—just try limiting your intake as much as possible so you don’t derail your health efforts. Snack on fresh fruit instead; it will provide a dose of sweetness without tipping your blood glucose levels out of whack or packing on extra pounds.

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes


4) Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks are out for people with diabetes. Alcohol, in general, can be dangerous because it contains so many calories, but alcoholic drinks that contain sugar can be even worse. 

People with diabetes should limit their alcohol intake to no more than two drinks per day. A drink is equal to a 12-ounce beer, 5 ounces of wine or 11⁄2 ounces of liquor (such as rum, gin or vodka). 

That may not seem like much, but you’re actually getting 240 calories from alcohol alone and you’ll also eat more food later because your blood sugar will rise temporarily after a drink. To prevent spikes in blood sugar levels, avoid sugary mixed drinks or any type of cocktail that uses sugary mixers—like soda, juice or cream. 

Mixing liquors with juice can make it harder to monitor your blood glucose levels since fruit juices contain natural sugars. Stick to pure liquors if you decide to have an alcoholic beverage. Cheers!

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping

5) White Pasta

According to recent research published in Diabetes Care, those who consume white pasta tend to have increased levels of visceral fat, a dangerous type of body fat that lies deep inside your abdomen and surrounds your internal organs. 

Visceral fat is closely linked with type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and heart disease. Researchers found that those with high levels of visceral fat had almost double the risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those with low levels of visceral fat. 

Limit your intake of refined carbohydrates such as white pasta by switching to whole-grain alternatives like quinoa or brown rice noodles, which are healthier choices for everyone — not just people with diabetes. Eating whole grains also helps keep your blood sugar stable and regulates the hunger hormone ghrelin so you feel full longer.

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping


6) Burgers & Kebabs

While it’s no surprise that fast food is high in calories, fat and sodium, did you know that a single cheeseburger can have nearly 800 calories? 

This will wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels. Burgers are also difficult to modify for people with diabetes, so try grilled chicken or turkey sandwiches instead. Veggie burgers are another good option since they offer fibre without all of those extra calories. 

Remember to keep portion sizes small! Kebabs are often overlooked as healthy options, but they can be quite low in carbohydrates if you choose wisely. Choose lean cuts of meat (chicken breast and beef) and add green peppers, onions and mushrooms for variety. 

Skip over marinades that contain sugary sauces or caramel colouring; instead, use one made with lemon juice.

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping


7) Potato Chips and Other Crisps

Any food that contains trans fats should be avoided by diabetics. For example, a single serving of some brands of potato chips may contain 3 grams of trans fat, which is almost one-third of your daily recommended amount. 

The good news is, it’s relatively easy to avoid these and other high-fat snack foods if you read food labels carefully and stick to portion control. Just remember that most products in health food stores also have a nutritional label on them, so if you have a hankering for something crispy—which many diabetics do—check those out instead. 

They’re usually much healthier than their prepackaged or processed counterparts. Or look for recipes online for making your own crisp snacks (like baked kale chips or zucchini chips).

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping


8) Fruit Juice

While fruit juices are a great source of vitamins and other nutrients, they also have sugar. Too much sugar, as in juices with added sugar, can increase your risk for diabetes. Focus on drinking plenty of water or unsweetened tea to stay hydrated. 

If you need more flavour in your water, try some citrus slices or a squeeze of lemon or lime. Also be wary of products that claim to be healthy drinks, but have added sugars or syrups (like soda). To minimize your risk for diabetes while still enjoying juice every now and then, check nutrition labels and limit yourself to 4-ounce servings per day.

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping


9) Dairy Products

Studies have shown that people with diabetes who consume dairy tend to gain weight and also may suffer from heightened insulin resistance. 

This is because milk products contain both fat and protein, so when you drink milk or eat yoghurt, your body breaks down some of those proteins into amino acids and turns those amino acids into sugar (glucose). And when insulin is at high levels (as it typically is for diabetics), your cells become resistant to that insulin. 

That means your pancreas has to work harder to produce more and more insulin to help glucose get into your cells. And too much of anything isn’t good for you—your pancreas, liver and other organs included! So limit intake of dairy products if you have diabetes.

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping


10) Candy

Eating candy is a fun, yummy way to satisfy a sweet tooth; unfortunately, it can wreak havoc on your blood glucose levels. 

The added sugars in candies can quickly raise your glucose level, which could cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) later on. It’s important to eat candies sparingly if you have diabetes. Instead of blowing through a bag of M&Ms, treat yourself to one or two pieces once every few weeks and savour each bite!

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping


11) Cakes

Not surprisingly, cakes are among one of America’s favourite foods. And for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to nibble on something sweet and delicious? Unfortunately, cakes may not be good for diabetics due to their high sugar content and calorie count; so if you want to eat cake, it might be best to make your own at home. 

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15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping


12 ) Cookies

It’s tempting to keep a jar of homemade cookies on hand, but that’s not necessarily healthy for people with diabetes. Sugar and fat (especially saturated fats) are very bad for diabetes patients. Cookies also tend to be much higher in sodium than most people realize—much of which can come from salt used during baking. 

That makes snacking on homemade baked goods potentially dangerous if you’re watching your blood pressure closely. Keep your doctor in mind when it comes to packaged baked goods, too; sometimes even seemingly-healthy snacks like granola bars or chips aren’t as great as they seem at first glance. 

Check your food labels carefully and monitor yourself closely after consuming them.

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping


13) Pies and cobblers

These delicious desserts may be a portion of comfort food to some, but they’re actually high in saturated fat and carbohydrates. 

Stick with fresh fruits for dessert instead. Fresh berries are tasty and nutritious; try them over ice cream or yoghurt for an even healthier snack. Nuts also make a great after-dinner treat; just keep an eye on portion sizes—many nuts contain plenty of calories. And remember that low fat does not always mean low carb. 

A small serving of low-fat ice cream can have more sugar than a piece of fruit! Whenever possible, choose fresh or dried fruit over canned, which has added sugar (and even extra calories).

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping


14) Sweet rolls, pastries, and doughnuts.

What do all of these things have in common? 

They’re made with refined flour, and refined flour is out for diabetics. Just one serving (three or four small doughnuts) can cause blood sugar to rise quickly. Avoid these products unless you’re using them as a treat once in a while—and limit yourself to one serving! Even then, it’s worth noting that most nutritionists advise diabetics to stay away from sugar-loaded baked goods and sweets whenever possible. 

These tend to be high in saturated fat and/or sugar, both of which are bad for your heart health. And unlike Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes can be greatly affected by lifestyle choices like eating habits.

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping


14) Dairy desserts, such as ice cream and yoghurt.

High sugar content and fat. Ice cream, for example, has about 12 grams of sugar in a half-cup serving. Moreover, ice cream tends to contain saturated fats as well as trans fats. It’s a good idea to limit foods that are high in saturated fats, as they can elevate LDL (or bad) cholesterol levels and increase your risk of developing heart disease. 

And while yoghurt has less sugar than ice cream (and most brands are low in saturated fat), it still is made with milk; so if you’re trying to manage your weight or blood glucose levels while having diabetes, eating dairy products like yoghurt might not be a good choice. Either way, adding sugar to these two desserts won’t help. 

Artificial sweeteners may improve taste without extra calories, but some research suggests they don’t provide health benefits, especially over long periods—so check labels carefully and opt for no-calorie or reduced-calorie sweeteners when possible. 

Also, avoid adding fruit compote or granola to flavoured yoghurts because many commercial versions have added sugars—those should also be limited in people with diabetes. These sweets also tend to lack fibre which may help you feel full longer. 

But more important: People who already have insulin resistance issues have problems metabolizing fructose which seems mainly responsible for causing their insulin resistance issues in diabetes 2 patients.

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping


15) Sugar-sweetened drinks, such as soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, and juice drinks.

Sugary drinks are all around us, from movie theatre popcorn to juice at breakfast and soda in our lunches. And it’s no wonder we consume so many of them: 

They’re cheap, they taste good, and they’re readily available. But what you may not know is that sugary drinks have been linked to numerous chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. 

These beverages provide little nutritional value and may be packed with empty calories. Some studies suggest that sugar-sweetened beverages increase one’s risk for developing type 2 diabetes by nearly 50 per cent. 

To reduce your risk of developing diabetes or other diseases caused by a poor diet, avoid drinking sweetened beverages. Instead, try water, sparkling water with a twist of lemon or lime (if you’re into flavour), seltzer with lime, vegetable juice diluted half and half with filtered water (think V8), or unsweetened iced tea. 

Find out more about how to manage your diabetes here. One study found that people who drink soft drinks—whether regular or diet—have a greater chance of becoming obese than those who don’t imbibe any soda. And just one 12-ounce can of cola can contain 10 teaspoons worth of sugar! Read more…

15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes - cure keeping

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